New laws governing Garda Compensation will allow for future claims to be brought before the Personal Injuries Assessment Board “PIAB” in an effort to reduce costs.

Claims for malicious injuries are currently brought under the Garda Siochana (Compensation) Acts 1941 & 1945.

The new scheme set out in the Garda Siochana (Compensation) Act 2017 will see such claims being dealt with by the PIAB and the State Claims Agency. It will also make provision for an independent assessment of injuries with reference to the new Book of Quantum. If adopted a Garda who is seeking compensation who has been maliciously injured in the course of duty must submit an application to the Garda Commissioner within 6 months. If found to be maliciously inflicted he or she is entitled to compensation. If declined such a decision can be appealed.

Accepted applications will thereafter be submitted to the PIAB who will assess the claim and make an award. Contested awards can proceed to Court.