We advise our clients on every legal aspect of licencing law. We have gained considerable experience in many specialised areas including: Transfers of Publicans Licences, Special Exemption Applications, Dance Licence Applications, Restaurant Certificates, Public Music & Singing Licence Applications & Circuit Court Licensing Applications.

We advise on areas such as:

There is a legal requirement to amend the license should there be a change of ownership in the holder the license. This is done by means of the “Transfer and Confirmation” procedure in the District Court. There are two one off applications that need to be completed in the District Court, namely:

  • The Ad Interim Transfer of the Licence;
  • Confirmation Order and Certificate of Transfer
A special exemption order may be applied for by the holder of an on-license. This entitles the holder of the license to carry on trading beyond the normal licensed hours. Any person to whom a special exemption order has been granted shall, if and so long as the person complies with the conditions upon which it has been granted, be exempt during the hours and on the special occasion specified in the order from any penalty for contravention of the provisions of Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003 relating to prohibited hours in respect of the premises to which the order relates but not from any other penalty under this or any other Act.

Public dance licences can either be applied for or renewed annually in the District Court.

Special Restaurant Certificates are applied for in the District Court for restaurant owners who wish to apply for a license to so that they can sell intoxicating liquor as well as food on their premises.
Music and Singing licences can either be applied for or renewed annually in the District Court.
We have gained considerable experience in this area and frequently make Court applications for clients.