Oncology Related Claims

Unfortunately as many as one in three people will develop some form of cancer at some stage in their lifetime People are often referred to hospitals for x-rays or blood tests. Most people having undergone these x-rays or blood tests are diagnosed correctly and in a timely fashion and will therefore benefit from early medical intervention. Unfortunatley for a small number of people, this is not the case and they end up being misdiagnosed, discharged, or treated incorrectly for something other than that for which they ought to have been treated. As a result of the initial misdiagnosis treatment is often received too late, leaving the aggrieved family of the injured party feeling as if they have no alternative but to litigate.

The most common reasons for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis in cancer are as follows:

  • Failure to properly examine a patient who presents at hospital.
  • Failure to appropriately monitor a patient who has a family history of cancer.
  • Failure to explore or adequately explore the symptoms of cancer at an early stage.
  • Failure to refer a patient to a cancer specialist at the earliest opportunity.
  • Failure to recognise the symptoms and signs of cancer.
  • Failure to perform scans or x-rays.
  • Failure to properly interpret x-rays and laboratory results.

If you believe that you were not provided with appropriate or competent medical care then you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries.