Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injury Claims

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of ones motor function caused by an acquired defect or injury to the developing brain. Cerebral palsy can lead to weakness and lack of co-ordination of the muscles. Cerebral Palsy can oftern result from hypoxia, which is the starvation of oxygen/oxygenated blood, causing damage to the brain and consequently physical and sometimes intellectual disabilities. Whilst Cerebral Palsy may occur without negligence, it is also the case that a mother’s pregnancy, labour and delivery or the baby’s post natal care can be handled negligently by Obstetricians, Midwifery staff or Paediatricians. In those circumstances, the injury to the baby’s brain could often have been avoided completely, or at least very significantly reduced, had competent medical treatment been given.

During the birth process a baby may suffer a physical injury. This is called birth trauma or birth injury. A baby's size and position during labour and delivery can lead to a difficult birth and cause an injury to the baby. There are several types of birth injuries that can commonly occur as a result of complications during pregnancy, labour, or child birth. The types of birth injuries that can occur can be temporary or can result in extensive and long term damage.

If you believe that your antenatal care, delivery of your child or postnatal care was not properly handled then you may have a claim for compensation for your child’s injuries and any care they may require into the future.